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    This site promotes, develops and hosts all things related to intelligent agents.  Specifically  we specialize in providing an online active agent exchange for supply-chain management, agent based collaboration and filtering, and agent based paradigms of knowledge management, business intelligence and integrated decision support systems.  Our expertise lies in Intelligent autonomous agents, Java, CORBA, Expert Systems, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, network management, systems administration, CGI, perl and distributed computing environments.


Disclaimer: This site has been inspired by the primary author's interest in Agents, AI, EDA and Knowledge Management, and is composed of the collections of links and information gathered by the same in the process of completing a masters degree in computer and electrical engineering. In this respect, most of the links/info have been acquired from other sites, public literature and personal communications, and every attempt has been made to give credit where due, and in any case, all sources have found the advantage of representation and free advertisement herein.  As we are not (yet) marketing any products, there is no grounds to initiate litigation of any sort against us. All the information provided herein is for the readers erudition only, and the author's should not be held responsible for any ill affects from the employment of any products, tools or knowledge represented on this site. Ect., ad nauseum, blah blah blah.

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